Media Day gives the press the chance to quiz the Barça women's team on a huge match on Wednesday / PACO LARGO-FCB

“We know what we have ahead of us” says FC Barcelona women’s team manager Xavi Llorens on the Champions League quarter final with PSG at the Miniestadi on Wednesday at 6.30pm CET. “In the first leg, we have to present a good image of ourselves and make sure that the game is still open so that we have a chance in the second leg.”

Speaking at the Open Media Day, he went on to ask “why can’t we beat PSG? We know how good they are, but we have our chances and we need to make the use of our weapons.”

Player Ane Bergara added that “they are physically strong. We know that they will win if it becomes a game based on contact. We need to look for quick plays and get our passing game going.”

The Parisians reached the final of this competition last season, so Marta Unzué accepts that “they are the favourites. We just have to enjoy the game and try to make things difficult for them.”

While goalkeeper Laura Ràfols comments that “PSG are strong in every area”, Ruth Garcia comments that “we have to make the most of the privilege of playing in this competition and compete as well as possible.”

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