Virginia chats to her former colleagues before the game / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The Barça women’s first friendly of the season, a 1-1 draw with Montpellier, also meant the chance to catch up with Virginia Torrecilla, who joined their French opponents in the summer.

Weird feeling

Virginia told Barça TV and fcbarcelona.con after the game that “it felt strange to be playing against Barça. I was a bit nervous at first, but I soon got over it. It was my first game for Montpellier because I’d been out for two weeks with an injury. I will always be able to say that my first game for my new team was against my old team! And I’m very pleased that the boss showed his confidence in me.”

Good investments

Asked about the changes made to the women’s football team at Barça, the Mallorcan answered that “my old team-mates have kept me informed and I think the changes have all been for the better. It’s all very positive for the future and for Barça as a club. And the new signings will make the squad stronger. I’ll follow them to the death and hope that they win all the title they can.”

On life in southern France, she added that “it has been very easy to adapt. Everything here is very professional and they have all done what they can to help me, even some of the players from the men’s team. But I’ll always be grateful to Barça for everything the club did for me.”

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