The FC Barcelona Women scored seven times on Sunday afternoon at the Ciutat Esportiva. / VICTOR SALGADO-FCB


FC Barcelona: Paños, Torrejón, Ruth, Ane, Leire, M. Unzué, Gemma (Ille, min 55), Melanie (Patri Guijarro, min 55), Alexia (Sandra Hernández, min 67), J. Hermoso and Olga G (Bárbara Latorre, min 67).

UD Levante: Lourdes (Paula Canals, min 62), Sonia, Guti, Paula (Angela Fuster, min 79), Ma José, Andrea (Nerea, min 66), Charlyn, Leticia, Alharilla, Alba (Sheila, min 52) and Adriana.

Goals: 0-1 Charlyn, min 10; 1-1 Jennifer Hermoso, min 18; 2-1 Jennifer Hermoso, min 42; 3-1 Marta Torrejón, min 45 (segona part) 4-1 Jennifer Hermoso, min 59; 5-1 Irene del Rio, min 72; 6-1 Bárbara Latorre, min 74; Sandra Hernández, min 76.

The FC Barcelona Women's A team won handily in their first league game of the season at the Ciutat Esportiva, beating Levante by a score of 71. Xavi Llorens' squad scored seven unanswered goals after going down 1–0 after ten minutes of play. Barça's reaction was immediate, stifling Levante in midfield and dominating possession for virtually all 90 minutes.

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