Xavi and Sonia are a pair of active legends for FC Barcelona. / FCB-MIGUEL RUIZ

Together, they have won 14 league titles, seven each. Xavi is going for his eighth this season. / FCB-MIGUEL RUIZ

In football the reward for consistency over the season comes in the form of the league title. No one knows that better than Xavi Hernández and Sonia Bermúdez, given that both have won seven league titles each. The midfielder from Terrassa near Barcelona has won all his with the club he has played for all his life, whilst the striker from Vallecas, Madrid has made history winning seven consecutive league champions winners medals, the first three with Rayo and the last four with Xavi Llorens’ Barça side. The Club wanted to bring them together to talk about their roles as king and queen of blaugrana league title successes.

Mutual respect

During the meeting, to no surprise, Xavi Hernández demonstrated that he is bang up to date with the Barça women’s team: “It’s no coincidence that they have won so many trophies because they work very hard, they sign well, I know coach Xavi Llorens really well from the youth teams at Barça, he was my coach in the U12 team and he is a football nut and works very hard. The women have plenty of quality, more every year and I think we should promote women’s football more because their role is extraordinary and they are going to the World Cup. They compete well and I think  with the culture of football that there is in Spain, women’s football will continue to grow I’m sure.” On a personal level, Xavi feels privileged to have won so many titles: “I have been lucky to have coincided with the best era in the Club’s history.  The luck is being at Barça, if we have won so many league titles it is through being at Barça. Surely, if we had been at a different club, we would not have won so many trophies. We have to take advantage of that and I think now we have a team and a generation to keep winning, the same goes for the women, so in that sense we are privileged to have won so many titles through being at Barça.”  

For Sonia, the last is the most special

Winning 14 league titles does not happen overnight and Sonia Bermúdez is only too aware of that fact, having won three with Rayo and four with Barça. “I remember all the league titles with the same excitement but the truth is that having won four with Barça is an historic achievement, so I am especially happy with the last one because winning four in a row is not easy and only a Club like Barça is capable of achieving it,” revealed Sonia, who also has been top scorer in four of those seven league titles and is currently battling to be top of the goalscoring charts once again. On her meeting with Xavi Hernández, she showed herself to be surprised by the blaugrana first team captain’s knowledge of women’s football: “The truth is that it is a pleasure to meet a legend like Xavi and you can tell that he is up to date about women’s football and up close he is a really friendly person. I agree with him that we are privileged to have won seven leagues and I hope to add an eighth. Now we are going for the Spanish Cup, we have a great team and I think we can win it as well.”

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