The FC Barcelona women beat Oviedo for their fifth straight win / PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Xavi Llorens' girls kept on marching in the Women's First Division on Sunday with a convincing 5-1 victory over Oviedo. The FC Barcelona women controlled the ball and the match from start to finish although a courgageous opponent made an effort to keep on the pressure and make Barça work.

Sonia had a pair of near misses in the early going before Barça opened the scoring at 15 minutes when a Vicky steal led to a Jenni goal. Just following, Barça saw several chances to increase their lead but were denied by a stingy Oviedo defence. In fact, it was Oviedo who came close to drawing even just before the half.

Jenni's hat trick

Immediately upon retaking the field, the Barça women went wild. Jenni was assisted by Sonia, scoring from the edge of the area square to the goal for her second of the day. Then in the 47th, Jenni picked up a rebound after a Sonia shot and dumped it in for the hat trick. Oviedo wasn't toally finished, but almost.

Willy almost got the fourth, and then Ruth actually did so following a free kick and a rebound from a Marta Torrejón head ball.  Oviedo managed to finally get on the board in the 80th with a timely counter that made it 4-1. Barça, though, did not let up and rounded out the scoring with a penalty kick that Vicky converted to cap off a win that wasn't as easy as the final 5-1 score would indicate.


FC Barcelona, 5
Oviedo Moderno, 1

FC Barcelona: Ràfols, Unzué, Torrejón, Ruth, Melanie, Virginia (Gemma, 49'), Corredera (Mariona, 65'), Vicky, Jenni, Sonia (Andrea, 68') and Alexia (Willy, 49').

Oviedo Moderno: Rosana, Celia (Maria Iglesias, 53'), Gordi, Meri, Mogo (Maria Migallón, 67'), Carmen (Lucia. 45'), Julia, Irene, Brandi, Erika (Iris, 45') and Isabel.

Goals: 1-0, Jenni (14'); 2-0, Jenni (47'); 3-0, Jenni, (48'); 4-0, Ruth (73'); 4-1, Lucia, (80') 5-1, Vicky (pk), (85');

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