Oviedo paid homage to this seasons champs: FC Barcelona. / GERMAN PARGA

Oviedo Moderno, 0
FCB Women's A, 0

Oviedo Moderno: Maru, Iglesias, Mery, Gordillo, Erika, Iria, Júlia, Yoli, Mogo, Ille, Isina

FCB Women's A: Ràfols, Leire (Míriam, min. 63), Torrejón, Ruth, Melani, Virginia (Gema, min. 28), Corredera (Willy, min. 52), Mariona, Alexia, Sònia i Jenni (Unzué, min. 63)

Referee: Pablo Fernández Pérez

Match report

On Saturday FC Barcelona's Women's A team were proclaimed league champions for the fourth consecutive year. On Sunday they got their second draw of the season against Oviedo Moderno despite enjoying numerous occasions to get the three points. At the end of the match, the champions celebrated the title on the field and in the locker room.

Marta Torrejón had a great chance stopped on the goal line on 19 minutes and, later, shots from Alexia and Sonia couldn't find the net either. The only negative was that of Virginia who came out as a precaution after feeling some discomfort.

Barça dominated the second half but chances by Willy, Alexia and Unzué all saw their shots deflected.

In the 75th, Gema Gili came out with an ankle injury, leaving the Women's A team with ten players the rest of the way. When the final whistle came, it was time to celebrate.

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