Vicky Losada led the Barça women with a brace in Sunday's 4–0 win at Santa Teresa / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

Santa Teresa, 0
FC Barcelona, 4

Santa Teresa: Miriam, González (Neira, 57'), Parralejo, García Boa (Rodríguez, 83'), Lima, Menayo, Antollín, Figueira (R. Aliseda, 79'), Vania, Traver (Rubio González, 57') and Martín.

FC Barcelona: Ràfols, Marta, Ruth, Melani, Virginia, Vicky, Mariona (Gili, 61'), Alexia, Sonia, Corredera (Garrote, 77') and Willy (Leire, 61').

Goals: 0-1, Marta (6'); 0-2, Vicky (31'); 0-3, Vicky (73'); 0-4, Alexia (83').

The Barça Women got up and dusted themselves off after last weekend's tough 2–1 loss as Valencia, and today they came back with a no-doubt-about-it win that keeps them knotted in first place with Atlético Madrid. Marta Torrejón, Vicky Losada, with a brace, and Alexia Putellas led Barça to a 4–1 rout on the road at Santa Teresa.

Both teams played aggressively from the moment they stepped on the field, with Barcelona clearly looking to remove all doubts and put the game away as soon as possible. With the scoreboard at 2–0 when the second half began, Barça shifted to a possession-based game and were able to dominate the ball with Santa Teresa looking totally overmatched. Two more goals in the last 20 minutes put the nail in the coffin.

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