Sonia scored twice in a big win against the Basque ladies / PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona: Ràfols, Unzué, Marta, Ruth, Melanie (Garrote, min.72), Virginia, Corredera, V. Losada (Gema, min.78), Alexia, Sonia (Willy, min.72) & Jenni (Mariona, min.78).

Athletic Club Bilbao: Ainhoa; Irene, Lizaso, Alazne, Nekane (Murua, min.58), Orueta, Iraia (Merino, min.74), Eunate, Ibarra (Correa, min.58), Erika (Izaskun, min.71) & V. Gimbert.

Goals: 1-0, Sonia, min.5; 2-0, Alexia, min.41; 3-0, Sonia, min.54; 4-0, Jenni, min.76;

Referee: Raúl Calle

The ladies team have held on to top sport in the league with an impressive 4-0 defeat of Athletic Bilbao.

The game got off to the perfect start when Sonia curved a delightful free kick into the back of the Bilbao net. Rather than sit back on the lead, they pushed for more, with Corredera coming closest, while the visitors had two or three chances of their own, but there was to be no further score until the 41st minute. It looked like Sonia was going to get on the end of a long ball from Torrejón, and with the Bilbao defence distracted, instead it was Alexia who tapped home to make it 2-0.

The second half saw both sides opting for an attacking approach. Athletic came close with an Erika header and a fine free kick, but after 55 minutes it was Barça was as good as sentenced the game when a mishit from Alexia ended up at the feet of Sonia, who dribbled round Athletic keeper Ainhoa to make it three.

The visitors started pushing harder and harder for what would now be no more than a consolation goal, but it would be Barça who scored the fourth and final goal of the game, Vicky taking a 76th  minute free kick that Torrejón nodded on for Hermoso to slam home.

FC Barcelona - Athletic Club (4-0, 1a División... por fcbarcelona
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