Ruth had one of several Barça chances that couldn't find the net / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

It was a strange night for the Womens A team at the Miniestadi, as Xavi Lorens's girls were superior over the course of the match but was the victim of bad luck, surrendering an own-goal in the first half to fall 1-0. They now must make a comeback of sorts in the return leg if they want to reach the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

Barça dominated out of the gate while Bristol stayed back on defence while trying to reduce space for Barça to operate. They looked poised to score, especially on Sonia's minute 21 chance, but she was denied by the keeper.

Unfortunate play

As Barça were settling in, they key play of the game came on a Bristol counterattack. Bristol's Harding centered the ball, and Barça's Corredera, trying to make a play, ended up knocking the ball into her own goal. Barça reacted immediately with Sonia leading the way. But Bristol also upper their game and by the end of the half they succeded in making Barça feel a bit less comfortable.

Although Barça weren't as superior after the break, they still had plenty of scoring chances with Jenni and Marta taking solid shots but unable to break through.

Not their day

Bristol still wasn't doing anything special, but the scoreboard made Barça keep on the attack. They passed well and had some nice combinations, while also having a would-be goal by Willy negated for offside just ten minutes from time.


Womens A, 0
Bristol Academy, 1

Womens A: Ràfols, Ruth, M.Unzué, Melanie, M.Corredera, V.Losada, Sonia (Willy, 56'), Alexia (Gemma, 56'), Marta, J.Hermoso (Mariona, 73') and Virginia.

Bristol Academy: Mary Earps, Dykes, Yorston, Matthews, McCatty, Natalia (Larua del Río, 82'), Watts, Ingle, James, Rose and Harding.

Goal: 0-1 Corredera (own goal), 26'

Referees: Cristina Dorcioman, with lineswomen Petruta Iugulescu and Patricia Samsudean.

Attendance: 870

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