Sonia dedica el seu gol / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Xavi Llorens’ players cruised to a comfortable victory over Sporting Club Huelva this afternoon thus giving the team the top spot of the table ahead of the new year. Jelena, with two goals, and Sonia scored for the Blaugrana at the Ciutat Esportiva.

Impressive start

FC Barcelona dominated from the start, but Llorens’ players were unable to turn their advantage into goals. Sonia enjoyed the first chance of the match, but Serrat did well to save the attempt. Huelva hit back with a chance of their own but the shot crashed against the crossbar.

The league leaders tried to get past Huelva’s compact defence with behind-the-lines passes meant for Sonia and Corredera. Huevla, however, defended well and kept the Blaugrana off the board for most of the first half.

It took Barça 41 minutes to break down Huelva’s defence. Sonia crossed the ball into the area from the left wing and Jelena fired to the back of the net. The teams went to the break with 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Two more for the three points

Sonia, five minutes into the second half, doubled Barça’s lead. The forward took advantage of Serrat’s error and scored her 15th goal of the season.

Jelena, before the half-hour mark of the second half, beat her defender at the top of the box and sent the ball into the back of the net for the definitive 3-0. 


FC Barcelona, 3
Sporting Club  Huelva, 0

FC Barcelona: Chelsea, Unzuè, Torrejón, Ruth, Melani (Karol, min 68), Virginia (Gema, min 68), Corredera (Lau, min 68), Miriam, Jelena, Sonia and Alexia.

Sporting Club  Huelva: Serrat, Esperanza (Pizarro, min 81), Sandra, Laura, Ana Serrano (Rojas, min 85), Castelló, Anita (Cinta, min 75), Martita (Andreita, min 75), Angela Sosa, Martin-Prieto and Virgy.

1-0, Jelena, min 41; 2-0, Sonia, min 47; 3-0, Jelena, min 63.

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