FC Barcelona’s Women’s Team comfortably beat Levante Las Planas at the Ciutat Esportiva by 4 to 0, thus taking the team’s undefeated streak to nine consecutive matches. Two first-half goals and two goals in the second half gave the three points to Barça. Alexia, Sonia, Virginia and Gema, who was subbed on in the final minutes of the match, were Barça’s goal-scorers.


FC Barcelona, 4
Llevant-les Planes, 0

FC Barcelona: Ràfols, Marta, Meli, Míriam, Kenti, Virginia, Corredera (Karol, min 64), Guti (Gemma, min 64), Vicky, Sonia and Alexia (Olga, min 64).

Llevant-les Planes: Pamela, Paula, Cristineta (Claudia, 80), Eve, Rocío, Bel, Ali, Evita, Andrea (Sandra, min 32), Sonia and Carri (Inés, min 69).

Goals: 1-0, Alexia, min 17; 2-0, Sonia, min 28; 3-0, Virginia, min 57, and 4-0 Gemma, min 82.

Referee: Congost Larrosa.