Sonia celebrates one of her goals / PHOTO: GERMAN PARGA

Playing at the Miniestadi worked out pretty well for Xavi Llorens’ players. The FC Barcelona Women’s team took a giant step towards the Superliga title after beating Espanyol 6-0 in an intense and exciting Catalan derby. Barça, dominant in both halves, were impeccable in the first 45 minutes and especially lethal on the wings. Espanyol, who were missing key players, had little depth and struggled defensively. Sonia scored a hat-trick in the first 45 minutes, and now has a two-goal advantage over Espanyol striker Maripaz in the race for the Pichichi trophy.

Defensive errors to blame for Barça’s first four goals

At the start of the match, Sonia Bermúdez, from the penalty spot, won back the ball and fired her shot past María José. After the first goal, the Azulgranas, who employed aggressive pressure in the midfield, found a lot of space to play into down the middle. Espanyol, on the other hand, struggled to find their form.

On 28 minutes, the referee pointed to the spot after Lara handled the ball in the area. Sonia didn’t miss the penalty or her chance to take the lead in the Pichichi race. Despite having a two-goal advantage, Xavi Llorens’ players continued to pressure Espanyol. Barça's third came when Sonia, who completed her hat-trick, beat Marijo with a direct shot. Minutes later, an unfortunate defensive error from Monforte gifted the ball to Carol in the middle of the Espanyol box, the Azulgrana wasted no time as she fired the ball into the back of the net for Barça’s fourth.

Two goals from Marta Corredera

The second half was almost identical to the first. Barça controlled the match and continued to pressure high up the pitch. As time went on, however, Espanyol managed to contest Barça’s dominance. Even though Espanyol were showing signs of life, Marta Corredera skipped past her mark and unleashed a right-footed shot to score Barça’s fifth. Despite the goal, Luis Carrión’s players continued to try and create goal scoring chances. On 73 minutes, however, Corredera scored her second goal, the sixth of the match, with a beautiful chip-shop. Espanyol kept on fighting but time ran out with the definitive 6-0 on the scoreboard.


FC BARCELONA: Ràfols, Laura, Marta, Meli (Ketty, min. 28), Ani, Guti (Flora, min.14), Miriam, Vicky (Luli, min. 73), Marta Corredera, Sonia, Carol (Olga, min. 55)

ESPANYOL: Mariajo, Torrejón, Lara, Gimbert, Sonia (Alba, min.45), Pereira (Nuria, min. 75), Meseguer, Monforte, Débora (Aida, min. 85), Maripaz, Sara (Brenda, min. 45)

Goals: 1-0, Sonia (min. 1); 2-0, Sonia (p)(min.28); 3-0, Sonia (min.32); 4-0, Carol (min.39); 5-0, Marta Corredera (min. 54); 6-0, Marta Corredera (min. 73)

Referee: David

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