Jordi Vinyals joined FC Barcelona’s Juvenil A team in July and after nine months he’s led the team to the league title. Last Sunday Barça clinched the title after defeating Cornellà at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, with five games left in the season. But the most important thing for the manager is that he’s managed to bring a good group of players together whose sole goal is to improve.

This Tuesday, Vinyals talked about his experience as head manager of the team on Barça TV’s ADN programme. “We’re enjoying the fruits of our collective labour, that’s the most important thing. I’m very pleased because we work as a team, we enjoying things as a team and we suffer as a team.

“We have a group of players that work incredibly hard, we have a group of managers that are dedicated, we’ve managed to bring a good group of people together and we have to thank the Club for facilitating this,” said the Blaugrana manager.

Objective: improve on a daily basis

Even though the team have only conceded three draws and one defeat this season, the manager stated that his players are only focused on improving both collectively and individually.

“The objective is not to win at any cost. Our objective is to help the young players compete, to overcome obstacles, this is what forms a player. They learn a lot of things that are important for a professional footballer at this age group.”

He added: “all of the players are trying to improve and all of them are aware that they have to do a lot of things on a daily basis in order to become better players and that’s the attitude that makes me the most proud. In addition, I’m lucky enough to have an incredible coaching staff... they’ve made my job easy.”

Collective work

“The title we won the other day is the culmination of the work put in by a lot of different people who have selected players over the years. These players are trained to make it as high as they can.”

He concluded: “the Club has a long chain of succession. The work that’s being done in the youth football system is magnificent and the players that are being produced are proof of that."

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