Dongou scored a hat-trick in Barça's Juvenil A match against Zaragoza / PHOTO: Arxiu FCB

On matchday 23, Barça’s Juvenil A team (U18) earned its seventh consecutive victory after beating Real Zaragoza. This win keeps the Barça side in the second position, just two adrift of league leaders, Espanyol. Espanyol, however, has a game in hand.

Draw after the first half

The first half was dominated by FC Barcelona. Edu was the man to score the team’s go-ahead goal. The Azulgrana striker took advantage of a cross from Grimaldo to shoot past the keeper on 26 minutes.

The chances kept on coming for Barça. Zaragoza, however, also went on the attack and came close to scoring a couple times as well. A shot from Pablo was saved by Samper and Suarez’s shot sailed over the crossbar in the 41st minute. The visiting side scored in stoppage time.

Bakoyoc committed a foul in the Barça area and Pablo was quick to net the penalty. The Zaragoza player placed his shot perfectly, Bañuz went the other way.

Barça comes out swinging

The U18 side came out in the second half with a lot of intensity, in the first minute they came close to scoring the 2-1. Dongou connected with a cross from Edu, the ball nearly went in but the keeper was quick to save.

Despite the Barça onslaught, it was Zaragoza that grabbed the go-ahead goal. Suarez knocked in a Zaragoza corner on the 52nd minute. Even though Barça was down, the team never gave up. After a good collective play from the Catalan side, Antonio scored an own goal that brought Barça level.

Only three minutes later, Dongou put his team ahead after dribbling the keeper. Dongou then scored the 4-2 in the last minute of the game. Miguel Ángel crossed the ball from the right wing and Dongou made sure he buried his shot in Zaragoza’s goal.

The game was over for Zaragoza, but Barça wanted more and Dongou wasn’t finished. The Cameroonian completed his hat-trick with a fantastic individual play.

Barça’s Juvenil A team will fight for the top spot in the league next week against Girona.


Zaragoza, 2

FC Barcelona A: Bañuz, Edu (Pol Calvet, min 51), Bakoyoc (Miguel Ángel, min 45), Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Babunki (Adama, min 87), Patri, Dongou, Quintillà and Grimaldo.

Zaragoza: Aroca, Roy, Lasure, Antonio, Luis, Antón (Marc, min 86), Moreno (Escuder, min 75), Nacho, Suárez, Joel and Ortí.

Goals: 1-0, Edu, min 26; 1-1, Pablo, min 45+; 1-2, Suárez, min 52; 2-2, own goal, min 67; 3-2, Dongou, min 71; 4-2, Dongou, min 89, and 5-2, Dongou, 90+.

Referee: Xavier Bertomeu Garcia.

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