Els jugadors de l'Aleví A celebren un gol

This week's goals are as good as ever -PHOTO: FCB

And here we go with our latest selection of the top five goals scored by the academy teams. The ranking for the weekend of October 25 and 26 starts with Matías Lacava of the U14 B team, scored after a wonderful piece of individual flair. Next up, it’s Xavi Simons, the U12 A team captain, who finishes a terrific move with a fine strike. Third place goes to a goal that was actually scored last Tuesday, but it was far too good to be left out on a technicality! It’s the one that Àlex Carbonell of the U19 team scored against Ajax in the UEFA Youth League. He controls the ball on his chest, beats his defender and puts the ball away to perfection. In second place, we’ve got young Roger Coll of the U10 A team, who uses just three touches to get past his marker and then beats the Jabac goalkeeper from an angle. But the honour for the best goal of the week goes to Pau Servat of the U12 A team. An absolute thunderbolt from outside the area that’s a more than worthy winner, as you will see when you watch the video!

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