Els nois del Benjamí B celebren un gol

The boys from the U-10 B team easily beat Franqueses over the weekend / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

Once again, Barça TV has compiled a list of the top five goals scored by FC Barcelona's Academy teams during the recent weekend of play. The team's developing stars deposited a plethora of sublime scores both at the Club's Ciutat Esportiva complex and on the road.

Number five on the list is a work of art from U-10 B player Denis Cruces, who sent a splendid free kick into the net with ease. Fourth on the list is U-16 A player Werick Maciel, who beat the Sant Andreu keeper with a brilliant left-footed shot after an outstanding collective effort by his teammates. At number three we have Iker Sánchez, who scored from outside the penalty area that contributed to the U-10 B team's easy win over Franqueses. At number two, U-16 A player Jordi Mboula was a picture of perfection after faking out the opposing keeper. And the number one top Academy goal of the week came from Aitor Cantalapiedra. The U-19 A player displayed polished personal ball skills by putting one past the Cornellà goalkeeper.

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