Francesc Granja spoke to a captivated audience at La Masia / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

Who are you? That was the question Francesc Granja asked in the first of this season’s lectures in the auditorium at La Masia, where the young residents of the Centre de Formació Oriol Tort benefited from a fascinating meeting with a leading life coach.

Today’s guest speaker was a director in a multinational company, but after suffering tetraplegia, his whole attitude to life changed. He decided to do what he most enjoys – to converse with and connect with people, which led him into the world of life-coaching.

His talk raised a number of issues about the young players, asking where they are in life, and where they want to go. Many of the audience shared their views in public as they discovered that there is so much more to them as people that just being promising sportspeople.

Granja encouraged them to “think about being yourselves, living coherently, being authentic, feeling and connecting with your essence.” He believes that life is a series of experiences that help us to understand why it is that we have been brought into this world. A good quality of living, he believes, depends most of all on how honest we are in our responses, as well as our capacity to transfer such conclusions to our day-to-day lives.

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