FC Barcelona youth team technical staff for the 2012/13 / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

FC Barcelona have announced technical structure for next season’s youth football system. It includes the managers from the 14 youth football teams, from Juvenil B through Pre-benjamín, and goalkeeper managers. In short, nearly all of the managers will remain at the Club for an additional year, some, however, will take charge of new teams. The only managers to leave the Club are Álex Gómez, who managed Alevín C, and Jordi Puig, assistant manager of Alevín B. Newcomers to the youth team staff are Josep Olivé, assistant manager of Alevín C, Miguel Ángel Calderón, assistant manager of Alevín D, and Sandor Kocsis, assistant manager of Pre-benjamín.

The Juvenil B team technical staff will be composed of manager García Pimienta, assistant, Ramon Ros, and physical trainer, Andrés Martín. Xavier Franquesa, who up until now was the assistant manager of Cadete B, will now assist Quique Álvarez in Cadete A. The Cadete B team will continue to be managed by Fran Artiga, who will be assisted by Carles López, former trainer at Infantil A. He will be replaced by Oscar Jorquera, who managed at Alevín D. Jorquera will assist Denis Silva in the Infantil A team.

The Alevín teams and trainers who will no longer coach in the youth system

Cristian Catena, who up until now managed the Benjamín B team, will take charge of the Alevín C team as former manager Álex Gómez is leaving the Club next season. Catena will be assisted by Josep Olivé, a newcomer to Barça. Jordi Puig will also leave the Club and his post as assistant manager of the Alevín B team will be taken by Alexis Pintó. Miguel Ángel Calderón, who is also a newcomer to Barça, will assist Xavi Bravo in the Alevín D team.

The biggest changes are with the Benjamín teams. Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez Aradilla, both of whom were with the C side, will take charge of the B team. The Benjamín C team will be managed by Óscar Hernández and Juan Antonio Gil, who managed the Bejamín D team this season. Albert Puig, who was the assistant manager of the Benjamín B team, will take charge of the D team with the assistance of Álex Urrestarazu, who managed the Pre-benjamín team.

Sandor Kocsis is the third manager to be brought into the Club. He’ll assist David Sánchez Domèmech in the Pre-benjamín team.

All of the managers above have a one-year contract with the team.

FC Barcelona’s youth system technical staff are as follows:


Juvenil B Francesc Xavier García Pimienta Ramon Ros (2n) i Andrés Martín (preparador físic)
Cadet A Quique Álvarez Xavi Franquesa
Cadet B Fran Artiga Carles López
Infantil A Denis Silva Òscar Jorquera
Infantil B Marcel Sans Isaac García
Aleví A Marc Serra Dani Horcas
Aleví B Jordi Font Alexis Pinto
Aleví C Cristian Catena Josep Olivé
Aleví D Xavier Bravo Miguel Ángel Calderón
Benjamí A Sergi Mila Rafa Rodríguez
Benjamí B Jordi Pérez David Sánchez Aradilla
Benjamí C Òscar Hernández Juan Antonio Gil
Benjamí D Albert Puig Álex Urrestarazu
Prebenjamí David Sánchez Domènech Sandor Kocsis
Porters F7 Carles Gil Ferran Montijano
Porters F11 Xavi Ferrando  
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