Gratacós i Vilà, a les conferències sota el nom de “The Leadership Journey in the Professional Development Phase” / FOTO: FCB

The conference, entitled “The Leadership Journey in the Professional Development Phase”, was held in the English F.A.’s modern facilities at St. George’s Park.

Pere Gratacós and Joan Vilà were invited to speak to Premier League coaches about the theoretical and practical aspects that underlie the culture and philosophy of FC Barcelona.

They described the Barça model and the work methods that have brought Barça so much human and sporting success in recent years.

The English view

The hugely experienced England manager, Roy Hodgson, outlined his own view of the philosophy of English football and gave Barça as an example.

In addition, Southampton coaches Les Reed, Matthew Crocker and Martin Hunter explained the philosophy and culture of this Premier League club from the south coast.

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