Juvenil B, Liga champions / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

FC Barcelona’s reserve sides have completed a brilliant year. The teams closed out the 2011/12 season with 12 Liga titles and 5 Catalonia Cups. The Juvenil B (U18), Cadete A (U15), Cadete B, Infantil A (U14), Alevín C (U12), Benjamín A (U10), Benjamín B, Benjamín C, Benjamín D, Prebenjamín (U8), the Women’s Juvelin-Cadete and the Women’s Infantil-Alevín teams claimed the Liga title in their respective leagues this season. Only the Infantil B (third), Alevín A (second) and Alevín B (third) didn’t end the season with a Liga title.

Furthermore, five of Barça’s youth teams won the Catalonia Cup: Juvenil B, Infantil B, Alevín A, Benjamín A and the Women’s Infantil-Alevín teams.

The titles, a pleasant byproduct of La Masia’s purpose  

During the end-of-year ceremony at La Masia, Guillermo Amor, director of Barça’s youth system, said “we have to congratulate the players not only for the titles, but also for the behaviour that they’ve had.” The director was making reference to the main goal of La Masia, which is educating players and teaching them how to play football, not necessarily winning titles.

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