It’s a new working formula that aims to perfect and improve the technical movements of each player, and complements the training they might do with their clubs and / or schools of origin.

We look for a high level of interaction between players and coaches, and that’s why we work with small groups of a maximum of 10 players and six goalkeepers.

Who is it aimed at?

It’s aimed at children from 6 to 14 years, from other schools, clubs, and students of the FCBEscola.To gain access, entry trials are not necessary.

What day is the training?

• Day: Depending on the venue, one day a week is designated (from Monday to Friday).

• Course Duration: From September to June.

• Session duration: 90 minutes.

What are the technical goals?

• Mastering basic technical football moves

• Learn secondary technical skills: aerial game, shooting techniques, and so on.

• Applying different technical movements depending on an actual match situation.

• Automating motor patterns in response to certain tactical situations.

What are the benefits of joining the FCBEscola Technical Training?

• Priority to fill vacancies for FCBEscola in Barcelona ..

• Possibility of participating in any tournament, in which FCBEscola is invited.

• Discounts on activities organized by FCBEscola: Christmas and Easter training camps, etc..


¿Qué día se entrena?

En función de la sede, se designa 1 día a la semana (de lunes a viernes).

Duración del curso: De septiembre a junio.

Duración sesión: 90 minutos.