In a way, Philippe Coutinho's move to FC Barcelona was destined to happen. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Coutinho's role model was one of his countrymen — the charismatic Ronaldinho.

Before Coutinho had reached adolesecence, Ronaldinho — who grew up 1,000 miles away in Porto Alegre — was already a household name, and was poised to lead FC Barcelona to European glory. Thus, when Coutinho joined Barça in the winter transfer window, comparisons between the two Brazilians skyrocketed.

But while both players enjoy first-class name cachet and their on-the-field exploits need no introductions, the personal connection between the pair has remained a story yet to be told.

Until now. See the humble Coutinho explain his admiration for Ronaldinho, and the words of advice he gets in return.

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