The slow trickle of Barça’s internationals returning to train with the team produced two more drops in the bucket Wednesday morning as midfielder Denis Suárez and goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen splashed back into action following their commitments with Spain’s U21 team and the German national team, respectively.

Manager Luis Enrique Martínez has now witnessed the return of four players in two days following Tuesday’s reincorporation of Ivan Rakitic (Croatia) and Javier Mascherano (Argentina).

Field Two was, for the second day in a row, the lush backdrop for the team’s midweek, midmorning workout, their third since commencing preparations for this weekend’s visit to the south of Spain, where Barça will square off with Granada on Sunday night at 8.45pm CET.

But with a bevy of Barça’s stars having yet to make it back, Luis Enrique augmented his limited supply of first teamers with a selection of reserve players, including Ferran Sarsanedas, Gerard Gumbau and Ignacio Abeledo.

The slow trickle of globetrotting returnees, however, is expected to morph into an all-out inundation in the coming days, as the international hiatus peters out and players like Leo Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suárez roll back into town like surfers riding out the end of a two-week wave that will have taken them across the Atlantic Ocean, and back.

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