Last month, Rafinha and Neymar Jr helped Brazil to its first Olympic gold in football in its history, and now they have both moved to carry that memory wherever they go.

Despite their five World Cup wins and eight Copa America titles, winning gold at the Olympic Games was the one international honour that the historic nation had been missing. That is why it meant so much to the Brazilian squad, including the Barça duo who played their part in making it happen.

Rafinha and Neymar presented their medals to the Camp Nou crowd before last Saturday’s league match against Alaves. Neymar revealed the pact that he and Rafinha had from July, if Brazil would go on to win gold: “If we win gold, we will tattoo it,” and he remained true to his word.

The Brazilians therefore have tattooed the Rio 2016 logo with the Olympic rings onto their arms, which will now make sure that they will physically carry the memory wherever they go.

Neymar scored the decisive penalty in the final of the penalty shootout against Germany, following a 1-1 draw in normal time, while Rafinha also converted his spot kick moments earlier. Other Barça players who have won gold with their countries are: Guardiola, Ferrer and Pinilla (Barcelona 92), Saviola (Athens 04) and Messi (Beijing 08).

Neymar revealed his motivation behind the tattoo at the recent Gillette event: “I had the tattoo done after the game. I completed a dream of mine, my family, of my teammates and of all Brazilians.”

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