Rakitic and Jordi Alba during a training session | MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Jordi Alba, Rafinha and Ivan Rakitic are looking forward to the trip to Borussia Mönchengladbach. And they made that point nice and clear when appearing at a commercial event on Monday afternoon.

But as Rakitic was keen to point out, “we know it’ll be difficult, because we’ll be facing a very tough opponent,” while Jordi Alba also mentioned how much pressure they expect the home fans to generate in Germany. 

Speaking more generally about what is now his third season in the Catalan capital, the Croat commented that “I am very grateful to Luis Enrique for putting so much faith in me … And at least as far as stats are concerned, this is possibly my best season yet. But what really matters is where things stand in May.”

Rafinha adds that “last season was all about learning, what with the injury and all. This year, I’m feeling comfortable playing both on the wing and in other positions. There’s healthy competition for places and that only makes us stronger.”

Jordi Alba, who said that “I am feeling fit, and ready to keep improving” also had words to offer about his team-mate Sergi Roberto. “He’s a clever lad" he said. "He knew how to stay patient and wait for the chances and take them when they came along. And now they are coming. He’s in great condition and we have been very happy with the way he’s been playing over the last few years.”

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