FC Barcelona v Granada timetable

FC Barcelona’s first home Liga fixture of the season sees them entertain Granada on Saturday 9 January at 4.00pm CET local time, while this guide should help you to make sure you know when the game kicks off in your part of the world.  

It will also help you find the right channel to watch the action live on TV, but don’t fret if it’s not being shown in your country or region. We have live commentary in English right here on Radio Barça, just follow the link on the homepage a few minutes before the game starts. And all of our social networks will be providing regular updates of all the news as it happens.

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Saturday, 9 January

Canada – Vancouver (7:00 AM) / Toronto (10:00 AM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com, @fcbarcelona_fra and www.fcbarcelona.fr

beIN Sports Canada

United States – Los Angeles (7:00 AM) / New York (10:00 AM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

beIN Sports USA

Latin America– Mexico City (9:00 AM) / Bogota (10:00 AM) / Santiago (12:00 AM) / Buenos Aires (12:00 AM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_es and www.fcbarcelona.es


Brazil – Brasília (1:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_br and www.fcbarcelona.com.br

Fox Sports

United Kingdom – London (3:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com


France – Paris (4:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_fra and www.fcbarcelona.fr

beIN Sports France

Barcelona  (4:00 PM)

FCBarcelona: www.fcbarcelona.catwww.fcbarcelona.es@fcbarcelona_cat and @fcbarcelona_es

Vodafone TV, Orange TV, Canal+ Liga, Telecable

Africa – Dakar (3:00 PM) / Yaoundé (4:00 PM) / Cape Town (5:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona, www.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_fra and www.fcbarcelona.fr

SuperSport, Canal + Afrique

Turkey - Istanbul (5:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com


Russia – Moscow (6:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

NTV Plus

Arab Countries – Doha (6:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona, www.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_ara and www.fcbarab.com

beIN Sports Arabia

India – New Delhi (8:30 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

Indonesia – Jakarta (10:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_id and www.fcbarcelona.co.id

beIN Sports Indonesia

China – Beijing (11:00 PM)

FC Barcelona: www.fcbarcelona.cn

PPTV, NOW (Hong Kong)

Sunday, 10 January

Japan – Tokyo (0:00 AM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_jp and www.fcbarcelona.jp


Australia – Sydney (2:00 AM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

beIN Sports Australia

Source: laliga.es


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