Javier Mascherano in action against Espanyol in the Copa del Rey / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

FC Barcelona are through to the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey. After beating local rivals Espanyol 2-0, several members of the victorious team spoke to the media, and here’s our pick of the post-match quotes:

Javier Mascherano

“The game has made us stronger in every sense. We have qualified after two very tough matches”

“We had a big lead but we wanted to keep it. Generally I think we played well and it was a fair result”

“It’s normal for a derby to produce a lot of contact. These are intense games but it goes no further than the pitch”

“I trod on Álvaro but it was a total accident. There was no bad intent at all”

Munir El Haddadi

“I am very happy with the win, with the work put in by the team, and for qualification. And I’m also very happy to have scored two goals tonight”

“Espanyol are always a hard team to play but I thought we dealt with the game very nicely”

Ter Stegen

“I felt very comfortable out there. As I always do”

“It was a very tricky game, but we managed to earn ourselves a very positive result”

“These are always difficult games. Munir’s two goals were a fine solution”

Aleix Vidal

“I’m feeling better and better, both in a physical and a football sense. I’m gradually adapting to the team and think I’m managing to help, and that’s the most important thing”

“They came out to surprise us, but Munir’s goal left things very nicely sorted in our favour”

“I felt fine playing on the wing. I played a whole season in that position at Sevilla, but I also spent a season at full-back”

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