Thierry Henry sits down to talk about the coming Champions League tie. / FCB

Besides being a former FC Barcelona star, Thierry Henry is also a legend at Arsenal, where he played from 1999 until joining the Catalans in the summer of 2007. Henry is still beloved both in London and in Barcelona and, with a wealth of information on both clubs, was the perfect subject for an interview with Barça TV and tfcbarcelona.com, in which the Frenchman talks about the keys to the coming Champions League last 16 tie between his two former teams.

Among the highlights, Henry points to the tremendous importance of Tuesday's first leg in London which, he says, Arsenal will have to win in order to have a shot in the return leg at Camp Nou.

Henry also said he sees a different Arsenal this year.

"They used to have to control the ball to win. Now they can win without having the ball," he said.

Nevertheless, Henry believes Arsenal will approach the tie focusing more on defence while looking to create scoring chances on the counterattack.

Among the many other keys to the big matchup, Henry highlighted the role of Mesut Ozil, saying that "if they stop him, Arsenal is basically dead."

Beyond the Arsenal–FCB tie, he was also asked about the 2006 Champions League Final between the two sides.

Which of Henry's two former teams does he think will qualify for the quarter-finals this year? Have a look at the video to see that and everything else he had to say.

Henry Interview (English Subtitles) by fcbarcelona
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