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With the finale of the 2015/16 La Liga just a wee bit over two months away, and with a grand total of ten games still to be played, the race for the big, shiny cup is beginning to heat up.

And while there's an old adage that says there are 'no points for second place,' in the Spanish First Division, the teams that don't come away with the title will be jockeying for their parting gifts. Chief among them are the remaining two slots in next season's UEFA Champions League, annually bequeathed to the runner-up and the third-place team, in addition to the league champions. The fourth place team is rewarded with a slot in the Champions League preliminary playoff round, and the fifth and sixth place sides lock up berths in next season's UEFA Europa League — a 'best of the rest,' if you will.

At the bottom of the table, the season's biggest laggards will all be scratching and clawing to avoid their demise, aka the relegation zone, an unappetising underworld from where the last three teams are unceremoniously purged into the Second Division.

Although FC Barcelona has a relatively sizeable advantage at the top of the La Liga table heading into the decisive weeks of the title race, Atlético Madrid are not too far behind and Real Madrid, despite what some might surmise, are never out of it until the math says so.

The calendar above details the ten games each of the top three teams have remaining.

Below we take a look back at what they did against the same teams they are about to face, when they played in the final ten matches before the season's mid point.

What each team did in the last ten games of the first half of the season
W10 Getafe - FCB (0-2) Depor - ATM (1-1) RM - Las Palmas (3-1)
W11 FCB - Villareal (3-0) ATM - Sporting (1-0) Sevilla - RM (3-2)
W12 Madrid - FCB (0-4) Betis - ATM (0-1) RM - FCB (0-4)
W13 FCB - R. Sociedad (4-0) ATM - Espanyol (1-0) Eibar - RM (0-2)
W14 Valencia - FCB (1-1) Granada - ATM (0-2) RM - Getafe (4-1)
W15 FCB - Depor (2-2) ATM - Athletic (2-1) Vila-real - RM (1-0)


Sporting - FCB (1-3) Málaga - ATM (1-0) RM - Rayo (10-2)
W17 FCB - Betis (4-0) Rayo - ATM (0-2) RM - R. Sociedad (3-1)
W18 Espanyol - FCB (0-0) ATM - Levante (1-0) Valencia - RM (2-2)
W19 FCB - Granada (4-0) Celta - ATM (0-2) RM - Depor (5-0)

Winning scenarios

With ten games and thirty points still on the table, there is a bevy of scenarios — far too many to list — that could hand the title to each team.

But by taking a gander at the number games left and the points each has in the standings, some basic arithmetic will tell you that FC Barcelona, up eight over Atlético, control their own destiny and can lose at least two games and draw two more and still finish first, regardless of what the others do.

In more general terms, in order to surpass Barça, Atlético will need a minor miracle and Real Madrid will need a major miracle.

One big reason is that, among the three teams, there is just one head-to-head game remaining: the Saturday, 2 April El Clásico between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid at Camp Nou. Kick off of that game is set for 8.30pm.

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