Stephen Curry and Leo Messi, two stars of their respective sports / FOTOMUNTATGE-FCB

NBA star Stephen Curry has expressed his admiration for FC Barcelona and Leo Messi, likening his side’s style of play with that of the Catalan club’s.

The Golden State Warriors play a fast, possession-based game, which the NBA’s MVP of last season believes resembles Barça’s famous approach to football.

"We’ve seen how they play, the things they do in every game, and their playing style is a lot like ours. Both teams like to move the ball and each player is involved in each play. I think this is how we will see them play in El Clásico," said the 28-year-old.

Curry spoke of how the Golden State Warriors coach will show the team videos of a certain no.10 to invoke inspiration.

"Coach Kerr has shown us films of some soccer greats, especially Messi and Barcelona, and how they play," said Curry, before adding his admiration for the Argentine: "I love watching Messi play because you never know what he will do with the ball and I love the talent he has”.

Curry is not the only Warriors start to reveal his appreciation of the Ballon d’Or’s talents, as Harrison Barnes stated that “he’s the greatest of all time”.

Barnes also went on to make a bold prediction for Saturday’s Clásico: “I think Barcelona are going to kill them, just like the last time”.


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