Ronaldinho and Belletti, during the 2006 Champions League victory parade. / FCB ARCHIVE

It may have been 10 years ago but it sure feels like it was yesterday.

On 17 May 2006 FC Barcelona made history by beating Arsenal 2–1 in the Champions League final in Paris.

Coached by the Dutchman, Frank Rijkaard, Barça came back from a goal down with a strike from Samuel Eto’o and the game-winner from Juliano Belletti to claim their spot in history.

“People continue to thank me,” Belletti says now, ten years later. “They tell me the current Barça began there.”

“It says something when a club with the best players in the world remembers a Brazilian full-back who only scored one goal,” he says.

The leader of that team was Ronaldinho, who is largely credited with putting them over the top after years of near-misses.

He remembers those days fondly.

“We were so confident that we ended up really relaxed,” Ronaldinho recalls. “We knew winning a Champions League title would go down in Club history.”

For more, follow the Club’s Twitter account (@fcbarcelona) as they relive that unforgettable day beginning Tuesday evening at 8.00pm CET.

Belletti and Ronaldinho remember 2006 Champions... por fcbarcelona
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