Neymar and Jordan together at the presentation of their Hypervenom football shoes. / NIKE

After winning the double with FC Barcelona and before joining the Brazilian Olympic squad for a game in Rio, Neymar Jr is enjoying a trip to the United States. He made a point of visiting Citi Field, where the New York Mets were hosting the Chicago White Sox. He also had the chance to meet NBA legend Michael Jordan.

The two share a kind of mutual respect that transcends the boundaries of the languages they speak, the sports they play, and the countries they represent. The Barça striker grew up watching Jordan star for the Chicago Bulls, while the American is a fervent admirer of Neymar’s “creativity, style and passion for soccer. He’s a special player and I’m delighted that the two of us can work together”.

That’s because, in association with Nike, the duo have joined forces to create a unique model of football shoes, the brand new NJR x JORDAN Hypervenom. Thanks to the deal, Neymar Jr is to become the first footballer to use Jordan's emblematic number 23 on a personal product. “Jordan established what greatness is all about” says the Brazilian. “He’s an incredible competitor and a real champ. I’ve always admired him and it means a lot to me to be able to put his number on my boots.”

Jordan’s brand is also launching a Neymar edition of his Jordan V Low, with the name "Neymar" sewn on the inside.

Neymar Jr & Michael Jordan

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