Luis Enrique calls out instructions from the sideline on Sunday night. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Following FC Barcelona's 3–1 victory over Eibar, Luis Enrique said the effort of his team and the energy of the fans were keys to overcoming the early deficit.

"We found it hard to create danger from the start and that means we have to keep improving. I liked the support of the fans."

Luis Enrique also praised Luis Suárez, not only in terms of his goals but also his work ethic.

Here are the highlights of what Luis Enrique had to say.

On his team's improvement in the second half:

"We tried to fix the problems we had the first half. With a team like Eibar, unbeaten away from home, it’s normal that we had trouble getting going."

"Fortunately, we won the game with intensity and effectiveness in the final stretch."

"Going out there with three defenders isn’t a problem as long as we are successful, but it isn't an exact science. It's about working hard and doing it better."

On the referee:

"We can do better by not saying anything, that's what I try to tell the players. However, I know it's hard when you're on the field."

"It’s difficult to be a referee, but we can improve as a team."

On the up-field pressure from teams that visit Camp Nou:

"Sitting back, if you do it well, creates a lot of problems. When a team presses up-field, if you don't have a good day it always complicates things."

On the consequences of Mascherano's red card:

"It would be terrible to lose him for several games, but they should look at whether these expressions are spoken into air or with eye contact."

On the importance of Luis Suárez:

"We know the importance of Luis. What he gives you is invaluable, non-negotiable. If he then finishes in the area, that's great. He's essential and irreplaceable."


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