Luis Enrique during the Monday training session at the Ciutat Esportiva / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The day before the all-or-nothing last day of the season, and moments before overseeing the final training session before flying south to face Granada (Sunday at 5.00pm CET), Luis Enrique spoke to the press. Here is a selection of quotes from the Barça manager:

On the pressure:

“It is going to be a difficult game because of the tension of it being the last day and us still being in contention for the title. But otherwise, it’s going to be the same as any other game.”

“We are different to other teams. These players have won so many things and are used to all kinds of vicissitudes. We lap up this kind of pressure. These games are made-to-measure for Barça players.”

On Deportivo v Real Madrid:

“We are only playing one game. If we don’t win it, then we’ll have a look at what’s happened in the other game. I won’t be taking any interest in it until the 95th minute … I get the feeling that we’ll only win the league if we beat Granada”

On what kind of Granada to expect:

“There are two theories and they’re both valid. Everyone was sure Atlético Madrid were going to beat Levante but look what happened. The same might happen with Granada. They might stronger with the pressure off or they might relax.”

“When the ball starts rolling at the Nuevo Los Cármenes, we will only have one target – victory. There are a number of factors involved. It would be nice if we could score first, but even that is no guarantee.

On winning the double:

“For the time being, the game with Sevilla doesn’t exist in my mind. We are looking to win the most difficult league in Europe. It’s the tournament that marks your overall level throughout the season … That is a big enough motivation for my players. I don’t need to motivate them any more. My only concern that they become over-motivated.”

On team unity:

Ever since I have been at Barça, the squad has been very united and ready for everything – both for praise and for criticism … I am pleased with what my team has done so far this season, but I can’t issue any definitive verdict until the season is over and there are still two big matches left.”

Luis Enrique unfazed by pressure por fcbarcelona
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