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FC Barcelona's match against Eibar on Sunday at Camp Nou will see the introduction of a new ball due to the approach of winter and the reduced daylight.

The Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis features a seasonally optimized color scheme that adds adapted visual acuity to Nike’s most advanced football ever. The bold Visual Power Graphic emblazoned on the Ordem 3 receives a Hi-Vis Yellow update, allowing players to catch sight of the ball quickly, helping to enable rapid decision-making and immediate reaction in the ever-accelerating sport of football.

A fuse-welded geometric 12-panel design and synthetic leather casing enhance first touch on the ball. Nike's proprietary aerodynamic system, Nike Aerowtrac, embeds grooves into the ball’s textured outer casing, stabilizing the ball by helping to ensure a steady airflow, and thus facilitating truer flight.

The Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis debuts also in the other top leagues:the Barclays Premier League and Serie A TIM on October 24, and is available on nike.com.

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