Former FC Barcelona striker Thierry Henry travelled to the United States last month to pay a visit to a number of his friends in the NBA.

Among them were Kobe Bryant, a dedicated Barça fan in his own right, in a meeting where the pair exchanged jerseys.               

Due to their affection for the Catalan club, Henry and Bryant managed to have a chat about the current form that Barça are enjoying.

“I think they can win it all again, they have a different style to other clubs,” said Bryant in confident mood.

“You could compare them with us (LA Lakers) when we won with our offensive triangle, a style of play which brought us success under Phil Jackson as coach – or with (San Antonio) Spurs with the fast movement of the ball and exploiting the space.”

Bryant continued: “Everyone is synchronized and when they are in position, your teammate knows exactly what to do. When you have this flexibility and see the ability of the players, it is very difficult to stop them”.

Henry enjoyed huge success in his three years with the club, playing a big part in the team’s first ever treble.

“I played at Barça and I can assure you that it is another dimension. It is a unique club with a different atmosphere to the rest. To compare with them with anyone else would be crazy,” said the Frenchman.

NBA Diary: Thierry Henry and Kobe Bryant... by fcbarcelona
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