Barça players salute the travelling fans / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

FC Barcelona’s 4-0 win at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday gained praise from the international press who hailed the efforts of the players and manager Luis Enrique.

The return of Leo Messi from injury, the goals from Neymar Jr. and Luis Suárez and the great performance from Andrés Iniesta in his first Clásico as club captain were the highlights from the derby. Here is what the newspapers from around the world had to say about the famous victory:


Gazzetta dello Sport > 'Galactic Barça’ takes up the front page of the Italian publication.

Corriere dello Sport > ‘Real Madrid humiliated by Barça' and ‘Benitez’s future in danger’, highlighting the Catalans’ superiority in the Clásico with a photo of Suárez celebrating one of his two goals.

L'Equipe >‘Royal Barcelona’ along with an image of the team celebrating a goal. The French publication also features the photo of both teams standing side by side for the minute’s silence ahead of the game in honour of those who perished in the recent Paris attacks.

Telegraph > The British newspaper spoke of a demolition by the Catalans which has made life very difficult for the Madrid manager

Guardian > 'Rampage' was used to describe Barça's display with an image of Suárez wheeling away in celebration after his second goal.


New York Times > 'Real Madrid embarrassed in El Clásico', which focused on the implications the heavy defeat may have on the side from the capital.


Olé > ‘He is back!’ and ‘Messi was not even needed’. The Argentine press were pleased to see the return of Leo Messi after a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

Clarin> A picture of Messi on the bench, celebrating Iniesta's goal occupies the front page with headline: 'Messi returns in Barça festival’.


Sport > 'What a rout' as Suárez and Neymar celebrate the fourth and final goal of the game.

Mundo Deportivo > ‘Lesson' with the image of Messi and Iniesta embracing after the latter scored his goal

El 9Esportiu > ‘Four bars’, and the colours of the Catalan flag, and a photo of Neymar and Iniesta celebrating.

MARCA > ‘Bernabéu calls for heads to roll’ with the Madrid crowd evidently upset over the heavy defeat.


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