Luis Suárez scored FC Barcelona's first goal in the 2015/16 La Liga on Sunday. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Luis Suárez’s 54th minute goal gave Barça the win on Sunday in their league opener. But besides the goal, the Uruguayan was incisive, intense, and was the object of a foul that have Barça a penalty kick. After the game, the striker said that "these games inspire us to win the league … we won the game and that’s what’s important, we had to wait for the [right] moment to create some scoring chances," he said.

Suárez also talked about the injuries to his two companions, Dani Alves and Sergio Busquets: "We know we're walking a fine line, they’re players who add a lot to the team, but we have a match ahead next week and we have quality players that can play in their place."

Other postgame statements from FC Barcelona players:

Sergi Roberto

"It’s always tough on this field [but] we got the three points.”

"If Dani Alves is out and the coach gives me the opportunity to play at that position I’ll play there and try to give my best to help the team beat Málaga, get the three points, and achieve the ultimate goal, which is to win the league."

Jordi Alba

"Winning this match was hard because the field was so dry. It takes heart and soul to win these games, and the team came together and put forth a huge effort."

"I feel very good, very confident. The victory was really important for the team and I think it’ll do us a lot of good."

"Now we have a week [without a game] and with more time to rest, we’ll recover better and we’ll be fresher."

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