Robert Fernández is in his first season as the Club's Technical Secretary. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

FC Barcelona Technical Secretary Robert Fernández gave a local radio interview on Tuesday where he touched on a host of topics, including the injuries suffered by the team and, especially, by Leo Messi, whose recovery needs to be dealt with calmly. "There's no need to rush anything but rather act naturally," Fernández said.

He also referred to the future of Neymar: "His contract renewal is going very well. I have no doubt that he'll be here his whole career. That's the way I feel."

Competitive league

Barça's last few days have been marred by the defeat at Sevilla. Fernández said, "Nobody likes to lose, especially a team like Barca, who are used to winning ... Despite the defeat, the team responded very well ... It isn't normal to lose that game."

Perhaps the league is tougher than in previous years?

"I get the feeling it will be a very competitive league and there will be some rivals who, at first, we thought wouldn't be able to fight to the end." Fernández added: "To some extent, it's normal. We want good competition apart from just Real Madrid and FC Barcelona."In Sevilla, despite the defeat, the team responded very well.

Fernández also explained how he sees football. "I define myself as a person who loves the attacking game. I love watching teams like Barça. Who wouldn't?"

But he did offer one caveat. "With our style play, we have to promote it, to preserve it and we have to keep doing it better. That's difficult because for a decade or more, Barça are used to winning, used to winning titles."

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