Neymar's two goals against Villarreal give him 11 so far this season. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

"Right now Neymar is the most dominating striker in the league," said Villarreal head coach Marcelino García Toral. How else could one describe Neymar’s importance and level of play? The Brazilian striker scored Barça’s first and third goals against Villarreal, the latter of which was nothing short of spectacular.

Nevertheless, Neymar himself wanted to talk about how well the team performed and how they controlled the game, especially in the second half, when all three goals came.

"We played well, we created chances and we played a great game," he said. With the double, Neymar furthers his status as top scorer in the league with 11 goals. He has 13 overall.

Sergio Busquets:

"Villarreal took a different approach in this game; the way they positioned themselves on the field, they’re a very good team with great players."

"This year we have conceded goals early on in games, we were not doing things very well and we had bad luck. We are better now and it shows. If we want to compete it’s important to keep a clean sheet."

"The Neymar goal was a work of art that only superstars like him can score."

"We coming into the Madrid match at a good time. We are happy to be getting players back, although there are some who will not be ready for El Clásico. It will be a game that either team can win."

Gerard Piqué:

"Busquets is a vital player and one of the keys to our winning so many titles over the years.”

"It was just a matter of time until we started not giving up so many goals.”

"El Clásico is a game that all the players like. Even though it isn’t a key game [at this stage of the season], we want to win it."

"Neymar and Suárez were key to us winning the treble."

Jordi Alba:

"We are having a very good season, and we have room for improvement. We hope to win El Clásico."

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