Andrés Iniesta presents Camp Nou with the recently conquered FIFA Club World Cup prior to Wednesday's match versus Real Betis. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

To give people an idea of just how difficult it is to achieve what FC Barcelona did this year — to win five titles out of a maximum six possible — consider this: to even have a chance at the latter three, teams have to unlock them by winning at least two of the first three, which is a monumental task in of itself. Barça, incredibly, swept the first three for an unprecedented second time in history.

When FC Barcelona won the La Liga title in mid-may, it gave them a berth in the Spanish Super Cup in August. When they won the Copa del Rey in late May, it gave them a berth in — no, this is not a misprint — the Spanish Super Cup in August.

It is highly uncommon for one team to win both, and, since the same team can't exactly play itself (wouldn't that be fun, though?), the Copa del Rey finalist is granted the other slot in the domestic Super Cup. Thus, Athletic Club, the team Barça beat in the Copa del Rey final, were granted a rematch in the Super Cup, where they surprised everyone by beating Barça over two legs, thus denying FCB a second six-cup season.

Got all that?

Finally, when the Catalans won the UEFA Champions League in early June, that victory gave them a shot at not one, but two, other titles — the UEFA Super Cup in August and the FIFA Club World Cup in December, both of which Barça won.

To sum up, FC Barcelona won all three domestic competitions to end the 2014/15 season, becoming the only team in history to do it twice, then won two out of the three titles they had previously unlocked. Sound amazing? It is. And moreover, this is not the first, but the third time Barça have won at least five cups in a year. They won all six in 2009 (another unprecedented feat), then five more in 2011 — that year Barça lost the Copa del Rey final but won the Spanish Super Cup.

What does it all mean? That they might need to start considering a major expansion of the Club's trophy cases, which are quietly nestled inside the FCB Museum for the entire world to see. The team now has 126 titles under its belt, which is quickly running out of notches. Incredibly, 26 of those titles have come in just the past 10 years.

Of the 126, FC Barcelona has won 26 international titles (the most all-time), 67 national titles, and 33 Catalan titles.

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