Javier Mascherano played 93 minutes on Sunday at Ipurua. / MIGUEL RUIZ

There comes a point for every team when the hunger subsides, and the litany of individual and collective accomplishments takes its toll on the psyche, sapping the ambition and motivation required for sustained excellence.

FC Barcelona appears to be disproving that assumption.

“We’re motivated by the idea that we can maintain a sizeable advantage at the top of the table until the end,” FCB’s Javier Mascherano said following the team’s 4–0 at Eibar on Sunday. “It’s about winning titles. We know that there are ten games left and that every slip up gives hope to our opponents. We have to keep winning.”

Mascherano knows, however, that it’s simply impossible to win every game. “Great performances are no guarantee of victory,” he said. “There’s a fine line between winning and losing. Playing great football brings you closer to victory, but nothing can ensure it.”

After picking up a late yellow card, the Argentinian workhorse, who played all 93 minutes on Sunday, will be off next week against Getafe. But he isn’t complaining. “I could use the rest,” he said.

Gerard Piqué

"We want to win until we are the champions. We couldn't be in a better situation. There are still games left and it won't mean anything if we don't win titles."

"If there is something we could have back it would be the games that we let slip away at the end with two-goal leads."

"The team is as good as it has been all season and we're playing very well in the big games, which has put us in our current position."

"Everything is going very well for us, some of which is because of the coach and his decisions. Nothing is mathematically decided."

"Having the trident is a pleasure — they win games for us."

Munir El Haddadi

"I am happy to have scored but even happier for the team and the victory."

"I am giving everything I have, learning from the trident, and having a lot of fun."

"We are working hard every day to improve and to try to get the three points every game."

"We haven't won the league yet, but we must win every game."

Jordi Alba

"We depend on ourselves, but it will certainly be difficult."

"It's good to have a lead, but we have never thought that the league was over."

"Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid are still fighting and we know that it will be difficult to win it."

"Leo Messi is a difference maker."

"36 games is a great number, but at the end of the season what's important are the titles."

"Luis Enrique is one of the best in the world. He fights for us. The players are the ones who win the games."

"We had a good attitude, magnificent intensity, and we have to keep going. Any team can beat you and it's always difficult to win at these types of grounds."

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