Andrés Iniesta scored FC Barcelona's third goal of the evening in minute 53. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

"Our lead is six points but it is not decisive, there’s a long way to go. We leave here satisfied," said Andrés Iniesta just after an El Clásico that will go down in history. Iniesta, captaining the team for the first time in a game against Real Madrid, was one of the keys for FC Barcelona. Iniesta, who is the current Barça player with the most El Clásico appearances with 32, scored the third goal on Saturday night with a superb strike past Keylor Navas and into the upper right corner.

Iniesta also praised the effort of the team: "We played a complete game when we brought out the ball and looked for odd-man rushes. We were very effective." Moreover, Iniesta added that the team came out to win by the maximum possible difference: "We wanted to win the highest goal difference possible and the bigger the distance the better…I am grateful for the applause," he said.

Sergio Busquets:

"It's a historic night, I am very happy for the team’s exhibition. We leave here with a very high morale. We won on a very difficult pitch against a team we are sure to fight for the League title."

"The six-point difference and the image of the team are very important, but getting back Ivan Rakitic and Leo Messi strengthens us a lot as a team."
"It’s not so easy to win games, but we have changed the history of the club in the last few Classics. I'm very happy to experience it first hand. Hopefully the run continues."

Luis Suarez:

"We are six points up against a direct rival but there’s a lot left. I'm thrilled. These games are double the fun and I’m very satisfied."

"We were excitedly expecting Leo’s return, we are pleased that he’s well and has come back. While he was injured, we tried to do our best. We never thought November would come with things like this."

Claudio Bravo:

"We leave with the feeling that we did an impeccable job. We dominated the 90 minutes and we had very clear occasions."

"There was a moment when we lowered our intensity but we realised it and we fixed it."

"The feeling is one of happiness."

Ivan Rakitic:

"We enjoyed it a lot, not just because of our play. We had a great game."

"There’s a lot left. We want to do well in every game and work to the maximum to keep doing it."

"It was a very special day and we are the first ones who want to enjoy it and do it well. We look forward to creating a lot of joy."

"I felt good and everything went perfectly. The most important thing is to help the team."

"Leo is a very important player for us and hopefully he’ll keep feeling better with each match.”

Suárez, Rakitic and Bravo reflect on the... por fcbarcelona

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