Piqué celebrates his 46th minute goal on Sunday night. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Gerard Piqué has never been accused of being media-shy.

So it was little surprise that, after scoring the game-winning goal in FC Barcelona’s 2–1 victory over Sevilla at Camp Nou on Sunday night, the defender took the lead when it came time for the players to field questions from the flock of reporters assembled down the hall from the team’s dressing room.

“Coming back in games like these is tough,” he said. “We did a great job to turn the tables.”

Piqué’s goal — coming on a redirection of a shot by Luis Suárez — put Barça on top to stay in the game’s 46th minute, barely giving many fans returning from the snack bar at the start of the second half enough time to catch it.

“Sevilla defend well,” said the man who had snuck behind it to find the net.

The other Barça player who hurt Sevilla on Sunday was Leo Messi, for whom Piqué had words of praise. “Nobody can stop him one-on-one so they have to double-team him. That gives him the freedom to play wherever he wants.”

There’s no question that Barça’s offensive and defensive pillars will be key in the season’s home stretch. And it’s good to see that they’re as hungry as ever to bring home the hardware.

“At the end of the season, success is defined by titles,” Piqué said.

Jordi Alba and Aleix Vidal also spoke to the media after the game. Here are the highlights of what they had to say.

Jordi Alba

"We have to keep doing the same things. Our opponents are very good teams that will fight until the end of the season."

"In the dressing room we’re cautious, because we know they can make things tough at any moment."

"We knew the importance of the match, and that Atlético Madrid are still there."

"I was lucky that Unai Emery was my coach and I know that he prepares for games to the last detail. Even more so against Barcelona."

"It's always very difficult to win, but that’s what’s so beautiful about football: overcoming adversity."

Aleix Vidal

"Sevilla have a lot of quality players that can make a difference. Last year against Sevilla always fought to the end and we always competed."

"We’re taking everything week to week. In the end we don’t limit ourselves, we want to continue to compete and do the things the way we’ve been doing them."

"The road games we have now are tough. The fields are smaller than usual and our opponents can press more.”

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