Messi scores with his left against Sevilla in the European Super Cup / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Last season Barça scored a massive 175 goals in three official competitions (Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League). Of those, 88 were scored with the right foot, 61 with the left, 23 from headers and three were own goals. In other words, 34% of Barça’s goals were scored from left-footers.

But there’s been a peculiar change of trend this season. Of the eight goals scored so far (by Messi (3), Luis Suárez (2), Rafinha, Pedro and Vermaelen), a surprising 87.5% were scored with the traditionally weaker foot. Only one goal so far this term has been a right-footed finish, the fourth against Sevilla, scored by Luis Suárez..

FCB v Sevilla European Super Cup 1-1 Messi Left
FCB v Sevilla European Super Cup 2-1 Messi Left
FCB v Sevilla European Super Cup 3-1 Rafinha Left
FCB v Sevilla European Super Cup 4-1 Suárez Right
FCB - Sevilla European Super Cup 5-4 Pedro Left
FCB v Athletic Club European Super Cup 1-0 Messi Left
Athletic Club v FCB Liga 0-1 Suárez Left
FCB v Málaga Liga 1-0 Vermaelen Left
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