Marc Bartra celebrates after opening the scoring in the 50th minute on Sunday night. / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Defender Marc Bartra, the first scorer of the night was one of the players who spoke to the media after FC Barcelona's 4-1 victory against LevanteBartra's goal, which opened the scoring, was not in the script.

"What I like is to steal balls and do everything related to defense, but if I score a goal obviously that's also good. However, the most important thing is to help the team." He gave much of the credit to the assist from Messi: "Leo put the ball right on my chest. Passes like that make it easier. Scoring when the team needs you, that's the best."

But Bartra also wanted to praise his coach, Luis Enrique. "If you work hard, you get opportunities."

"I just think about training, improving and giving the team everything I have."

Marc-André ter Stegen

"We could have scored more goals, but the end result is very good. On their goal I got confused. I have to concentrate more."

"On Wednesday we have a tough game. Maintaining this level of play is very tough because we have games every three days and we have to be very focused."

"The atmosphere at the stadium is very good. So far so good, we're winning everything at home and I hope it continues like this until the end of the season."

Gerard Gumbau

"Camp Nou is impressive. I was on the bench against Málaga and today I'm very happy with my debut in the First Division."

"It seems impossible that in one year I've debuted with the first team. Most importantly, you have to take it in and keep your feet on the ground."

"Sergi Busquets is a reference for me. Whenever I'm on the bench or at home I watch hime so I know what to do when I'm out there."

"In the first half Levante were back on defence, but in the second half we were able to put the game away. The team has shown that, despite the injuries, it knows how to play."

"I don't have any goals, just to keep working hard. My spot is with [Barça B] and I just want to take advantage of my opportunities in the first team."

Dani Alves

"We deservedly got the win but we knew that we had to work hard because of their approach."

"Everything revolves around Messi: the quality of the team and himself, he's perfect. Messi is our flag bearer and we want him to be as happy as possible."

"The system has not changed much regarding our style of play, except a few positions. The intent is the same: to have possession of the ball and get to the goal as frequently as possible. We adapted very well and when the first goal came space started to open up."

"We always think about how well we're going to play, we are always positive. We know we have to play our best if we want to continue winning."

"I have to study Nolito because he's electric. He's intense and a big challenge, and in the end we play to go against the best. I know how difficult that is and I hope to be up to the challenge if the coach plays me."

Next training session on Monday

Luis Enrique's squad will get right back to work on Monday morning to begin preparing for their next next, which comes on Wednesday at Celta. Kick-off is at 8.00pm CET.

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