Deco and Frank Lampard at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Former Barça player Deco was in Dubai for the presentation of the Globe Soccer Awards, where FC Barcelona collected a host of different awards, including those for Best Media Attraction in Football and Best Club of the Year. And on an individual level, Leo Messi picked up the Player of the Year honour.

The ex-Portuguese international found the time to talk to Barça TV about his former Argentinian colleague, saying that “he no longer surprises for the things he does, but because of the way he is able to repeat them season after season … It is very difficult to keep impressing the world with every year that goes by and to carry on playing the best football. He’ll continue to make history.”

The midfielder, who wore the Blaugrana jersey from 2004 to 2008, also spoke about the team in general, commenting that “Barça have had a spectacular year. It’s also thanks to the team around him that Messi was able to win this award.”

He singled out Neymar Jr for particular praise, another component of the world-beating trident in the FCB attack. “It’s spectacular to see them together” said the man who among other clubs also starred for Porto and Chelsea. “It is not easy for three players of such top quality to develop such a high level of understanding with each other. All three of them have known how to show humility and make sacrifices in order to work together.”

Deco still surprised by Leo Messi's magic por fcbarcelona
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