Club World Cup tickets

Tickets for the FIFA Club World Cup to be held in Japan will be on sale from 10am CET on Tuesday 29 September, until 7pm CET on Thursday 1 October.

The tournament, in which FC Barcelona are taking part in as winners of the Champions League, will take place in Yokohama from 10 to 20 December.

The selling process is exclusively for Barça members and purchases can be made via the club’s website (www.fcbarcelona.cat). As opposed to other occasions, whereby the member had to make an application to enter a draw in case the demand surpassed the number of available tickets, this time the member will make the purchase directly.

Tickets for Barça’s semi-final on 17 December will be put on sale by the club, as well as the final on 20 December. Members can purchase tickets for the semi-final and the final, or just the final. If one purchases tickets for both games, then they will both be for the same category. If Barça do not reach the final, the tickets will be available for the third/fourth place playoff.

680 tickets will be available for both the semi-final and final. The prices of tickets for the semi-final are 147 euros (category 2), 118 euros (category 3), 82 euros (category 4) and 59 euros (category 5). For the final, the prices are as follows: 236 euros (category 2), 184 euros (category 3), 133 euros (category 4) and 74 euros (category 5).

Each member can buy one ticket and can group up with up to another four members on the same application. A confirmation email will be sent upon a purchase.

The process ends on Thursday 1 October at 7pm CET, provided they do not sell out before then.

We remind that members under the age of six cannot book tickets to attend a match outside the stadium.

Furthermore, the club is working to provide members a special offer in regards to travel to the Club World Cup and will inform soon.

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