Former FC Barcelona defender Carles Puyol at Camp Nou. / FCB

With just a few days before El Clásico, few are better positioned to discuss the big game than former captain Carles Puyol.

The legendary defender spoke to the club's TV channel about the match against Real Madrid, but also about his former teammate Luis Enrique, the front three and Barça's chances of winning more trophies this year. Here is the pick of Puyol's comments:

This season

"It is going great. Last year was amazing. When you win almost everything, to do so again is very difficult but you can see that the players and the team remain hungry and with ambition, this is the most important thing.

"With the quality they have, if they continue with this attitude and this desire, they will certainly be fighting for everything at the end of the season. Winning or not depends on many things, but I am confident in the team and I am sure that things will go well."

Luis Enrique

"As a person, he is a great friend. A person who is straight, direct, never to trick you or let you down, and for me is the most important. Now you see the cohesion he has with all of his players because, at the end of the day, that is what the players want"

The front three

"They work for the team even though they can each be star players of any team."

"This is the key: to have a good relationship, that each one sacrifices himself for the other, not to have egos, that in each moment they are looking for each other. This is fundamental for things to go well."

Back-to-back Champions League titles?

"In football, there are many factors: there are injuries, you can have a bad day, which in the Champions League you get punished for, but I believe that, if there is one team that can do it, it is this one."

Puyol: "I have so much confidence in the team" by fcbarcelona
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