An unassuming Aleix Vidal chuckles along with teammates who know something that he doesn't. / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

With FC Barcelona nearing the end of another year of unrivaled success, the positive atmosphere surrounding the team has never been so loose. Case in point: during Monday's training session, several players stuck a tail on the back of their teammate Aleix Vidal as part of a humdinger of an Innoncents' Day prank. There were a few moments of unrestrained hilarity until Vidal finally grasped that it was, in fact, he who was the butt of the joke.

The spontaneous howler was a priceless start to the team's first post-Christmas training session with Lionel Messi, who spent his Sunday not on the training pitch, but in Dubai at the Globe Soccer Awards.

Humour aside, Barça can now get serious about wrapping up a historic 2015 on a winning note.

The squad play a joke on Aleix Vidal by fcbarcelona
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